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About us

We are team of people who love to sell stuff online. We understand how important is customer support and quality of products. These two key factors make sure that your shopping experience at is consistent, reliable and trustworthy.

Over years we have observed and learned the dilemma of Indian online buyers who have been traumatized by their experience with market places like snapdeal, flipkart and other website. Where there is either cheap replica is sold or no returns acepted or they give you store credit for returns and your money is blocked. Most of marketplace or websites even do not know what the custom support is.

Good thing is that at Prasang you are assured for best shopping experience. We do not give you store credit. If you return we give you full refund. How ever we take time of 5-15 days to ship, and this time is required to curate outfit from different cities of India and then it goes through through inspection and quality check. Once it pass through quality check, it goes for finishing and finally it is shipped. 

At prasang we expect your patience so that we can meet your expectations. Therefore we do not guarantee next day delivery, or we do not offer 60-70% off because we sell high quality, original outfits every time you order.

Have a great shopping experience in India